The LITTLE heavy
The LITTLE heavy




  • Start point: Coyote Wall Trailhead
  • End point: Coyote Wall Upper Viewpoint
  • Hike Type: Lollipop loop
  • Distance: 7.8 miles
  • High point: 1,895 feet
  • Elevation gain: 1775 feet
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Seasons: Year round
  • Family Friendly: Yes, but take care at the cliffs
  • Backpackable: No
  • Crowded: Yes


The hike is on a fairly defined trail, however there are a lot of offshoots that branch off all over the hillside. The loop itself will give you some amazing views, but if you want to actually traverse up the meadowy wall, head up the old jeep road when you see the barbed wire fence. You'll come back down to the trail to finish the loop.

Make sure to look around. This hike offers expansive views which you can miss if you spend too much time looking straight ahead.

Coyote Wall is a big mountain biking trail, so be aware of bikers coming up behind you. Just move to the side and let them go by.

Great hike to bring a picnic, blanket and some beverages and enjoy a hilltop meadow meal before heading down.

If you are coming from the Oregon side, bring a dollar for the toll bridge to get over to Washington.

Bring water and sunscreen. Coyote Wall trail doesn't offer much in the way of shade and coverage for most of the hike, so if you are going up on a sunny day, make sure to be prepared.